white oaks lodge 


White Oaks is situated in a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, which offers outstanding hiking and bird watching for the nature lover.  For example, you may see an Eastern Loggerhead Shrike, which is an endangered species in Ontario.  Or you may see a Pileated Woodpecker.  You will almost certainly see Partridge, Great Blue Heron, Kingfisher, and a variety of nesting duck species.  We provide trail packs, maps, and walkie-talkies for safety.

Trail Hiking for Lodge or Cottage Guests is $7.50 per person per day

Bird Watching Special - 2 x day/1 x night
$85.00 each based on double occupancy
Includes two lunches, 1 x supper, 1 x breakfast + trail snacks.

Birder's Group Day Trip Special (up to 25 persons)

Meet for coffee, muffins and fruit in our cheerful Conference Centre.  Check out aerial photos of the property and pick up your box lunches (includes lunch & afternoon snack).  Topographical maps are supplied.  (and don't worry, the trails are very well marked)  Return to the lodge for refreshments before heading home.

$25.00 + taxes per person with a minimum group size of 8 persons.  If a guide is required, an additional charge of $75.00 will be applied.

In the winter, why not get out on our trails and enjoy what nature has to offer?  You will be amazed at the animal tracks you'll see in the snow.

Winter Cross Country Ski / Snowshoe Special

3 Day/ 2 Night Special
$155.00 based on double occupancy.
Includes breakfast, lunch and supper as well as two healthy trail-ready snacks per day.

Note the above rates do not include taxes.